About This Site

    This site represents a reorganization of my web presence.  About 5 years ago I put together my first website, jdjumpdesign.com, to be my portfolio on the web.  As a theatrical designer who was also doing work in the church, I wanted a place on the web where I could show all of my work.  This included lighting designs, videos, and even sermons.  About a year after I built my first site, while I was in divinity school, I conceived of the subject for my second site, theologicaldesign.com.  This started out as a blog and expanded into a resource site with a blog attached.  Two years ago, I started my current job as a Multimedia and Technology Specialist at St. Christopher's School, a church school in Richmond, VA.
    As I continued to work in the theatre and the church as well as working in the academic world in my new job, I realized that I needed to separate my web presence to make it easier to get to my work in any of these areas.  This site is intended to be my filter site for my web presence.  From this site you can get to my other sites where I will show off my work in all areas.  jdjumpdesign.com will become my web home for all of my work in the theatre,  theologicaldesign.com will be the home for all of my church work, and at some point in the future I will have a separate website just for my school work, for now you can check out my school blog.